The main activities of the company

Placing orders for shipbuilding in Russia and Germany shipyards. Ship repair. Supplying of ship equipment. Financial assessment of ships accepted by banks. Supplying of ships with products and spare parts.

We provides a wide range of services for international transportation, clearance and cargo insurance.

Warehousing services

Warehousing services remain a key element of our company service line. Our own customs warehouse in Hamburg allows us to produce high-quality transshipment of European and transit cargo at a reasonable price.

We are liable for the safety of your cargo, from its receipt to the warehouse to the time of its dispatch.

Cargo is stored in heated rooms, equipped with video monitoring and fire safety system.

Warehouse services can be provided by mechanized means or manual handling of goods.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance in Germany in the ATLAS system:

  • Registration of EXA export declaration (EX1) in Germany and other EU countries
  • Opening of EXA export declaration (EX1) in Hamburg for products from other EU countries
  • Closing of EXA export declaration (EX1)
  • Registration of B and Z-numbers for sea export via Hamburg port
  • Filling-in of TIR Carnets
  • Filling-in of electronic TIR Carnets
  • Filling-in of transit declaration T1
  • Filling-in of CMR and other support documentation
  • Support for obtaining permits for the export of dual-use goods
  • Passing through the veterinary and phytosanitary control

Import customs clearance:

  • Customs clearance in Germany (customs clearance, customs processing) for a German consignee
  • Customs clearance in Germany (customs clearance, customs processing) for a company from any EU country
  • Representation in tax authority
  • Customs clearance (customs processing) in many countries of Europe, America, Asia
  • Door-to-door delivery

Transit cargo execution in Germany in the ATLAS system:

  • Opening of T1 transit declaration in Germany for up to 4,000,000 Euros
  • Opening of transit declaration in Hamburg warehouse without arrival at the customs
  • Sealing machines at our customs warehouse in Hamburg
  • Status of customs consignee
  • Status of customs consignor

Road transportation

Countries of the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as countries in Central and Central Asia


  • Joint cargo transportation
  • Cargo transportation by special purpose trucks
  • Transportation of oversized cargo
  • Transportation of large, long and heavy cargo
  • Transportation of construction and road machinery, cranes, wind turbine generators, power equipment, drilling equipment, generators, concrete spreaders, converters, aircraft, etc.
  • Container transportation in Europe
  • Carriage of empty containers for loading throughout Europe
  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Transportation by tent trucks, mega-trailers, thermo-trucks, container vehicles, low loaders, refrigerators


  • Detailed engineering of the optimal route
  • Experienced and reliable drivers
  • Load control
  • Tracking of cargo location
  • Cargo escorting (if necessary)
  • Detailed compliance with all international standards for transportation of dangerous goods
  • Verification of necessary documentation, permits and proper equipping of the vehicle
  • Obtaining permits for all transit countries
  • Permanent liability insurance in accordance with CMR international standards

Railway transportation

Europe and Asia

With state and private rail transportation companies Deutsche Bahn, Ukrzaliznytsia, Russian Railways, Metrans, Polish State Railways, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and others.


  • All types of containers (20 DC, 40 DC / HC, 45 ′, flats, open tops, refs)
  • Purchase and lease of containers
  • Railway transportation of large consignments
  • Rail transportation of different kinds of oversized cargo
  • Railway transportation by railway carriages and platforms


  • Optimal rates in all railways directions
  • Carriage of empty containers for loading and subsequent delivery to the departure railway station
  • Tracking of cargo location

Sea Freight



  • All types of containers (20 DC, 40 DC / HC, 40 HCPW, 45 ′, 45′ HCPW, flats, open tops, refs)
  • Oversized cargo transportation by specialized vessels all around the world
  • Transportation of mobile equipment (passenger cars and trucks, agricultural, construction and mining equipment, drilling equipment ...)
  • Transportation of containers and joint cargo


  • Cargo delivery from the supplier to the port
  • Registration and handling of cargo at ports of shipment
  • Agent services in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Lubeck and Kiel ports
  • Transshipment of cargo in Hamburg and Bremerhaven ports
  • Delivery and clearance of cargo in accordance with client’s needs
  • Purchase and lease of containers
  • Cargo insurance services

Air freight


Cooperation with leading international airlines: Lufthansa, KLM, Cargolux, British Airwais, Finnair, Swiss Cargo, Korean Air, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Airbridge, etc.


  • Optimal rates and terms
  • Daily air delivery of cargo
  • Cargo delivery from the supplier
  • Execution and processing of goods at departure airports
  • Cargo agent services at Frankfurt Airport
  • Cargo agent services at Hamburg Airport
  • Delivery and clearance of cargo in accordance with the clients needs
  • Quantity and quality inspection at departure and destination airports
  • Reliable partners in major world airports
  • Cargo insurance services

Multimodal transportation

  • Preparation of individual logistics schemes by using the most appropriate modes of transport (road, sea, and railway)
  • Optimal rates and terms
  • Freight forwarding
  • We offer insurance
  • Direct delivery to final recipient