The company was founded in 1996 in Hamburg by professional specialists working in the system of foreign trade organizations of Russia and Germany.

About the company

Today, the company is the official agent in Europe of the Federal Technological Development Agency of Russia for searching and analyzing technologies of medical and construction equipment.

At the same time our company is the consultant for leading Russian construction companies in modern technologies for industrial facilities construction.

Also together with our group company IMAR we provide all ship chandler service for cruise and transport vessels in all European and Russian ports.

The following projects were implemented by our company:

  • Construction of 10 vessels of the Baltic type at Volgograd Shipyard for the North-West Shipping Company St. Petersburg
  • Construction of 5 multi-purpose vessels of 12,500 tons at Kaliningrad Shipyard for Estonian Shipping Company
  • Construction and sale of Volga-type vessels at Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard for Russian and Western shipping companies
  • Construction of 5 tankers of DWT 6000 tons for Lukoil at Volgograd Shipyard
  • Construction of a scientific ship DWT 20,000 for the Academy of Sciences of China

Also we executed other shipbuilding contracts for contraction more than 50 new ships.

The company was an official appraiser of VTB Bank of Russia on assessment of Russian shipbuilding enterprises.

Our group company took part in the following projects:

  • ARM Europe: Reconstruction of the strips of Domodedovo Airport, Moscow.
  • Dobrynia Gmbh: Repair and modernization of Novoship ships.
  • Transmashholding Gmbh: Supply of equipment for the needs of the Transmashholding, Russia, as well as components for the assembly of main engines under the license of MAN Germany.
  • Janakor GmbH: Handling and modernization of ships of the Academy of Sciences of Russia.
  • Expedition organization.

This company executes the project of full engineering and modernization of Slaviansk Shipyard for Fesco Group.

Also, we are currently executing projects for the supply of complete sets of marine components for:

  • Amur Shipyard
  • Kaliningrad Shipyard "Yantar"
  • Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard
  • Baltic factory
  • Admiralty factory
  • Nevsky factory

During last Summit APEC 2012 in Vladivostok the company provided transportation services for the summit participants.